Welcome to Southern Trinity Health Services!

Thank you for taking an interest in our facilities for your medical, dental, and behavioral health needs! We are currently accepting new patients at both of our facilities and would be happy to meet with you and/or your family. All new patients are required to have documentation on hand to receive our services, so we have these available below so that you may print them at home and bring them into your first appointment. Our providers offer scheduled appointments as well as walk-in, though be sure to call in to check walk-in availability for any given day. These documents can take a while and require some reference information, so be sure to check them thoroughly to ensure the quickest processing when you come in.

Other documentation will be required, this includes proof of insurance for any and all coverages you have so that we can bill your account properly, your driver's license or state identification card, and any prescriptions you currently have. If you have someone who you wish to give access to your records like a family member or emergency contact, please bring their contact information with you as well.

Downloadable Documents

Medical Care Forms

Medical Adult Demo Packet, English:  Medical Adult Demo Packet, Spanish: Medical Child Demo Packet, English: 

Tuberculosis Risk Assessment Form: POLST Declination: 
Advanced Healthcare Directive, English:  Advanced Healthcare Directive, Spanish: 

Dental Care Forms

Dental Adult Demo Packet, English: Dental Child Demo Packet, English:

Behavioral Health Forms

Adult Demo Packet, English:  Adult Demo Packet, Spanish: 
Child Demo Packet, English:  Behavioral Health Intake Form:

Partnership Clinic Assignment Requests

Partnership Primary Care Provider Selection Form, English: Partnership Primary Care Provider Selection Form, Spanish: