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Transportation Services

Southern Trinity Health Services is pleased to provide transportation services for the southern portion of Trinity County and the southeastern portion of Humboldt County serving the following communities: Bridgeville, Dinsmore, Hayfork, Hettenshaw Valley, Mad River, Ruth, Swains Flat and Zenia.

The service is available to all residents and visitors, not just patients of our health center. Due to limited seating, we advise you to call ahead at (707) 574-6616 ext 261 to reserve seating.

Weather permitting, the following services are currently available: Arrives and services the Eureka/Fortuna area with stops dependent on rider needs. Reservations requested so we can determine the route ahead of time.

For transportation to the clinic through the week for residents in Dinsmore, Mad River, Ruth, and Hettenshaw Valley please use our Dial-a-Ride. Call our Dispatcher at (707) 574-6616 ext. 261

Ruth Every Monday: Leave the facility at 8:15am and 12:30p
    Leaves the Ruth store at 9:00am and 1:15pm
    Call our Dispatcher at (707) 574-6616 ext. 261
Hayfork Every Tuesday: Leave the Tule Road Community Center at 9:00am and 2:30pm
  2nd and 4th Friday: Leave the Tule Road Community Center at 9:00am and 2:30pm
Coastal Third Friday: Offered the third Friday of every month, Day-in-Town
(Eureka/Fortuna): Departs Mad River at 9:00AM with stops at Dinsmore
(9:15AM), Bridgeville (9:45AM) and Swain’s Flat Outpost (9:55AM).
Call our Dispatcher at (707) 574-6616 ext. 261

For More Transportation In Trinity County: Trinity County Transit Website